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AJBO Board of Directors

Our Board

Aloha JBO is administered by a group of volunteer board members governed by our bylaws. If you are interested in helping improve our organization please consider taking an open position on our board. Contact the AJBO president or any board member for more information. Don't forget to thank your board members for their service!

Board Members

Name Position Date Elected End of Current Term Email Address
Jeremy Meyers President September 2022 August 2024
Tacie Jensen Vice-President September 2022 August 2024
Zach File Secretary September 2022 August 2023
Karlee Crowley Treasurer September 2021 August 2023
Competitive Baseball Director
Michelle File Player Agent August 2022 September 2023
Jessica Ludlow Communications Coordinator October 2021 September 2023
Tacie Jensen Instructional Baseball Director August 2021 September 2023
Brian Cruz Tournament Director August 2021 September 2023
Allison Weinberg Sponsorship Coordinator August 2022 September 2024
Concessions Coordinator
Andrea Norberg Fundraising Coordinator January 2022 December 2023
Jeremy Meyers Fields Coordinator September 2022 August 2024
Alex Villicana Equipment Coordinator May 2022 April 2024
Michelle File Safety Coordinator August 2022 September 2023
Kyle Norberg Aloha High School Liaison August 2021 September2023
Member At-Large